About us

We are Hello Pollo and we are not your ordinary brand.

We were those who dreamed of riding the skateboard, but grew up on the countryside with gravel roads.
We are surfers who longed for the beach, big waves and BBQ’s – but had to settle for a farmers tan, riding the snow mobile and eating badly burned marshmallows.
We are those who listened to way too much college punkrock. Yeah, we are the ones who started a garage band – in our grandpa’s old barn…
We are those who watched way too much Dude, Where Is My Car? So much that we tattooed SWEET and DUDE as soon as we turned 18.

We are straight outta Norrland in Sweden and we love the american lifestyle but we also love the Swedish countryside and all that it can offer.
We were born and raised in the middle of Sweden – and it’s here we hatched our idea. An idea we incubated for so long and now we can finally share it with you.

The wait is over – We are Hello Pollo!