Does the clothes shrink?

The garments are marked with maximum 5% shrinkage but usually the garments won’t shrink at all. All fabrics are washed in the production process.

Will the colors fade?

For us it is obvious to use 100% organic cotton in our garments. Dark garments in cotton usually losses a little color in the first wash. If you mix cotton with other materials it withstands to hold the colors better. There are some tricks to black / dark garments to remain their beautiful color longer.
– Use detergents without bleach.
– Never dry your clothes in direct sunlight.
– Wash them inside out.
– Avoid tumble drying and drying cabinets.
– Liquid detergent is easier on dark garments.
– There is special detergents just for black garments.

WHY NOT tumble dry the garments?

There is no need to rend our T-shirts when we don’t have to. Simply hang it and leave it to dry and your T-shirt will last you longer

What happens when washing the laundry at 60 degrees?

Probably nothing. But the clothes are clean even at 30 degrees and it saves additionally energy.


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